The MyLife Foundation was formed as a supporting organization of Sertoma Center. The Foundation focuses its efforts on the wellness and long term care of the individuals with intellectual disabilities that Sertoma Center serves. The Foundation also helps with the endowment for Sertoma Center.

MyLife Board of Directors

  • Jeff Dew, President
  • Taylor Tipton, President Elect
  • Mackey Brownlee, Past President
  • Katie Heatherly, Secretary
  • Matt Ewing, Treasurer
  • Dan Barnett
  • Howard Blum
  • David Brace
  • Michael Brezina
  • Jenny Fogarty
  • April Tomlin
  • Doyle Webb
  • Steve Laney
  • Donna Fielden
  • Samantha Radtke
  • Andrea White
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Ryan Mefford
  • Jimmy Hyams
  • Marquita Stevens
Foundation Board