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Mission & Values

Sertoma Center is dedicated to providing programs and services that empower adults with intellectual disabilities to achieve their fullest potential.
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Sertoma was founded in 1961 by the Knoxville Downtown Sertoma Club and met in the basement of First Presbyterian Church. The initial goal of the Center was to train pre-school children for special education classes in the public schools.
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Sertoma provides programs that enhance the lives of those we serve but we can’t do it alone. Your gift allows us to continue the same exemplary care and services that Sertoma Center has delivered to persons with disabilities since 1961
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Knoxville Cares

In mid-2018, as part of their #KDUBcares series, Knoxville Weekend magazine followed Jonathan as he went through a day with Sertoma Center, challenging their readers to invest more in the Knoxville community and support Jonathan and other people that agencies like Sertoma support.

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