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Supported Employment

Sertoma Center believes that employment is the foundation for self-esteem, a tool that maximizes independence and contributes to self-sufficiency. We believe that everyone, no matter how challenged, has the capacity to engage in meaningful paid work.

Our staff develop innovative supported employment solutions for people with disabilities and for businesses. Through Sertoma Center, people who have a disability develop vital skills and become active participants in our communities. We offer businesses the opportunity to reduce recruitment and training expenses as they enjoy the benefits of a diversified workforce.

Life Enrichment

For individuals who are between jobs, don’t work full time, or are unable to work, Sertoma Center offers a variety of programs focused in our Life Enrichment Center. Learning labs include pre-employment training, art therapy, cooking and nutrition, current event discussion, horticulture therapy, daily living skill development and more. Many of our individuals especially enjoy their volunteer work delivering food for seniors who are home bound through the Mobile Meals program. We also are fortunate to have a YMCA across the street which is utilized for exercise classes, dance and movement therapy, swimming, and basketball.

Residential Living

The Residential Habilitation and Supported Living Programs offered at Sertoma Center provide a wide range of living experiences for the people that we serve. The people in these programs choose where they live from a variety of options presented to them. The homes are beautifully decorated throughout, and are accessible where needed. In the Residential Habilitation Program residents are free to decorate their private bedrooms anyway they choose, and they have some input in decorating common areas throughout the home. The agency is responsible for providing furnishings for all common areas. On the other hand, in the Supported Living program, the residents are totally responsible for furnishing and decorating their homes as they choose.
The homes in our Residential and Supported Living Programs are single-family homes or apartments located throughout Knox County in beautiful suburban communities. Shopping, community centers, parks, libraries, and many other points of interest are just minutes away from each home.

People participating in our Residential and Supported Living programs are supported by staff that are there to foster their independence, assist them in maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle, and ensuring that they live lives that are meaningful in accordance with their desires.

People living in our Residential and Supported Living Programs are supported and encouraged to be a part of their wider community. This involves volunteering; maintaining jobs in various sectors; accessing services in the community such as beauty salons, barbers, dining out, grocer and personal shopping at various stores, maintaining healthcare providers of their choice; accessing the YMCA and other gyms; going on annual vacations of their choice; participating in various camps; going to the movies; going to the church of their choice; visiting with friends and family; etc. In everything that Sertoma does inclusion is our goal for the people we serve. They are truly a part of their communities

Recreation Therapy

Sertoma Center’s Recreation and Wellness Department is staffed by a team of Certified Recreation Therapy Specialists. The program they have developed does more than simply offer opportunities for recreation. Education and exposure to many types of activities help the individuals served learn more about the experiences they enjoy and ultimately more about themselves. Some favorite activities include participation in Special Olympics, going to UT Basketball, Ice Bears Hockey, and Smokey’s Baseball games. They plan regular trips to Gatlinburg and Dollywood. The Rec Department is also responsible for daily & weekly in-house activities like therapeutic swimming, walking club, wellness cooking, and bocce league. It is a goal of the department to foster the growth in the individuals they serve. They achieve some of this with one-on-one therapy sessions, reading groups, and specifically designed activity boxes. The Recreation and Wellness Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the people it serves.


Sertoma Center provides planned respite care for adults with developmental disabilities who need occasional, temporary care. Respite services can be arranged on an hourly or daily basis. Respite supports help people who need a break or a change of scenery and can be delivered in your home or ours. We can help families with long-term, ongoing respite planning. Short term care can include both day and/or residential services



Individuals interested in receiving services should first apply through the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at (865) 588-0508. To be eligible for services, the individual must have an intellectual disability with an overall IQ score of 70 or below and be a resident of Tennessee. The onset of the intellectual disability must have occurred prior to the age of eighteen (18).


Sertoma Center offers a special program of partial scholarships/partial private pay for our Life Enrichment Program. This limited program is based on need and the appropriateness of our services for the person. This program is currently funded by grants from the Thompson Charitable Foundation and the Aslan Foundation and is offered as funds are available.

For more information or to schedule a tour, contact (865) 524-5555 or info@sertoma.com.

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